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Fricker's Furry Friends offers one on one grooming in a socialized environment.  We provide crates for dogs that need space.    There are several grooming packages to fit everyones needs.

Meet Jamie Fricker 



My love of dogs all started with a big black lab named Rex. Rex was a free spirit that could not be contained in any kennel or by any chain but would allow a little girl to dress him up, pull her in a sled and cuddle for hours. Rex has long since gone but the love and respect for dogs he taught me is still as strong as ever. My dream has always been to work with dogs. After working in the Human Services field for sixteen years, my dream came true when I took a grooming course in 2007. Shortly after, I began grooming and instructing others that have the same passion that I have. I moved back to my homeland of Cape Breton and opened my own grooming shop. I built a successful business and met some wonderful dogs and their owners. I relocated to Spryfield in 2016 and look forward to creating the same atmosphere.

Dogs with issues:

Most dogs do not enjoy grooming. Some get nervous but with consistent grooming and support from their owners, they usually get better over time. However, there are some dogs that react from their fear and dislike of grooming in an aggressive manner. I welcome them. My girls, Sheba and Jersey were reactive and could be aggressive in certain situations. They were the most loving, loyal and wonderful friends when they were not in those stressful situations. I recognize the behaviors are situational. All difficult dogs that need to be groomed, don’t necessarily need to be sedated, they deserve to have someone who is patient, firm, caring and does not intimidate easily. Owners will not be made to feel guilty, embarrassed or fear that their dog or groomer would be hurt. Some dogs may take a lot more time and patience to develop trust. I enjoy the challenge. A groomer needs to be able read a dog’s body language and know what that particular dog needs are.


Fricker’s Furry Friends is a crate optional grooming salon. I hope dogs and their owners come to think of my shop as a trust worthy, stress free place where they receive quality grooming at a fair price. Bring your pup in – I would love to meet them. (and you of course!) 


We can no longer accommodate breeds such as NFLD Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Leonbergers, Old English Sheep Dogs, Rough Collies, Malamutes, Samoyeds and Cocker Spaniels. Doodles over 50 Lbs must be wire coat or kept in a short cut. We are limiting the amount and types of dogs we are grooming. 

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